Mail Order Marijuana In Toronto

Toronto residents can now mail order real weed strains products with home delivery to whatever address you would want it delivered. We have a wide array of marijuana products to choose from such as bud, joints, hash, cookies, bread loaf, butter, THC Crispy treats, extracts, tinctures, and a lot more of high-quality weed strains edibles. You don’t need to travel to our location because you can order our low-cost products by using our website. We offer free shipping to orders of more than $200. We also offer discount prices for those who medical marijuana cardholders and those who can prove their medical condition. We have created a page on our website where Toronto-based residents can use to learn how to get the discounts for our products.

The company is comprised of individuals that enjoy cannabis buds and edibles. We have shared them with our friends as well. We started in the alcohol industry but we realized that we are not helping the communities of Canada because of the social problems alcohol has bringing us. Instead of expanding our alcohol business, we decided to go for a much safer alternative which has a big help in treating some medical conditions. We have started M.O.M Canada by partnering with the best growers in British Columbia where the finest buds are grown for medical and recreational purposes; and our chefs are well experiencing in producing the finest weed, hash, extracts, and foods which you can also find in the local medical weed strains dispensary. We have the same prices as the local dispensaries but we do one thing that they don’t do. We offer discrete shipping to any address that you will provide us.

If you have any questions about the products that we have for sale, please visit our website’s FAQ section or you can contact us by using the “Contact Us” button that you can find in our website.

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