Medical Marijuana Victoria, B.C.

Are you a marijuana enthusiast or a medical marijuana cardholder in Victoria who is having some problems finding a medical weed strains dispensary near you? If your answer is yes, then M.O.M Canada is the best place for you. Your search has come to an end because you can order real marijuana products that have the same prices as the other local dispensaries. Our company has partnered with the best growers and chefs in British Columbia – the home of the finest weed buds. Our weed growers and chefs work together to bring you the finest buds, cookies, butter, extracts, and other edible foods that are flavored or mixed with marijuana.

We also offer free shipping to Victoria residents who order $200 plus worth of products. Those who are medical marijuana cardholders and those who can prove their medical condition can get discounts from their purchases. We will ship your order right after you have made a full payment. You will also be provided with a tracking number via an email so that you can track your order. Our customer service support agents are always on standby for anything you want us to help you with.

We have been marijuana enthusiasts who like to try different cannabis strains and edibles and we want to share them with you as well. We were in the alcohol industry but we realized that we were not helping the society because of the social problems that alcohol can bring the community. We decided to go for medical weed strains because of the medical benefits that one can get from it. Aside from that, we understand that a lot of Canadians have been having some problems finding a medical marijuana dispensary near you thus we have decided to offer mail order weed strains to major cities and provinces in Canada.

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