Give Yourself a Break But Not Too Bad With Walter White Strain

Walter White is a marijuana strain whose name was derived from the main character of the famous series Breaking Bad who is a chemist and a chemistry teacher. It is a marijuana strain recognized for its undeniable potency as caused by its roots topping the list of the most marijuana strains to try. Walter White works well for both recreational and medicinal benefits. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Walter White Strain

What is Walter White Strain?

A marijuana strain which is a product from cross-breeding the classic strain The White together with an unknown potent ruderalis strain. Marijuana connoisseurs are impressed with its appearance, taste, and aroma leaving them wanting more. It produces auto-flowering buds with round light green nuggets with a sparse of orange hairs peeking through its surface. The nuggets are frosted with bright white crystal trichomes. From smoking Walter White, you will get a unique balance of flavors delivering cerebral and physical buzz all throughout.

History of Walter White Cannabis Strain

For some who watch the series Breaking Bad, Walter Hartwell White Sr. or just simply Walter White is the protagonist of the series wherein he makes his own drugs. He possesses the knowledge and skill. The strain Walter White possesses the same. It is a product whose roots lie on Texada Island grown for a long time by a dedicated farmer. This is one of the most potent creations of Mephisto Genetics that tops their roster. They were seeking a strain that will produce a bountiful covering of trichomes that is why they have come up with combining a Sativa-dominant strain and a ruderalis strain. Considering its Sativa dominance, it grows up to a hundred centimeters on an average and you can harvest up to 90 grams per plant.

Characteristics of Walter White Cannabis Strain

  • Cannabinoid Content
  • THC: 15% up to 23% CBD: 1% CBN: not applicable
  • Classifications
  • Sative: 70% Indica: 30%


Its roots came from The White and an unknown ruderalis strain


The smell of Walter White marijuana strain is very enticing. It comes in earthy, pine, citrus and sweet aroma. Every time you break the nuggets, the aroma sears through your nose leaving you completely beguiled. It only proves how potent the strain is with how strong the scent is. As you exhale its smoke, you will be able to savor the creamy and citrusy aftertaste.


The taste of Walter White is very delectable that will leave you wanting for more. It’s flavored come in creamy, sweet, lemon and citrus taste making it not that difficult to smoke especially for the first-timers. You would not deny how much you will enjoy and savor Walter White that you can not compare it with any other strain because of its distinct flavors



Its relatively high cannabinoid content explains its richness in medicinal benefits. Walter White works well in treating pain-related conditions such as arthritis, body pain, headache and muscle spasms. In addition to this, it is also best in alleviating inflammation caused by an infection. It has the ability to lessen the redness, painfulness, and swollenness of the wound. It does not stop there, it also works well with depression, anxiety, and other stress-related conditions. People with acquired condition seeks for Walter White because it is an effective strain in boosting your appetite helping you gain strength. It is also a suggested strain for patients with ADD and ADHD. Apart from the fact that it helps in alleviating hyperactivity, it boosts their sense of focus and concentration. It delivers abuzz in the head that will help calm down your nerves that is why it is established to treat mild to moderate amounts of stress.


Cannabis connoisseurs love what Walter White brings. The uplifting effects help them empowering up their day. It keeps them focused which works well for people who have a lot to work on. Most people smoke it before they start their day because of the energizing effects like a shot of euphoria. You are relatively happy and positive at the same time that is why it is recommended for people who are experiencing worst cases of depression and anxiety. You are relieved from all the stress leaving you physically and mentally relaxed.

Flowering Time

On average, it takes eight up to ten weeks up until it is ready to be harvested.

Growing Experience

Walter White is not that difficult to grow considering that it has natural resisting powers from molds and mildews since it is organically grown. But it is still best if you have experience in growing cannabis before trying Walter White.

How to Grow Walter White Cannabis Strain?

It is not advisable for first-time growers since there are a lot of requirements and preferences for Walter White. It works well for being grown indoors and outdoors depending on the availability of the area. It needs good ventilation which promotes air circulation. The strain should be planted in organic soil with the right amount of fertilizers. It takes eight weeks to be grown indoors yielding a total of 3 ounces which is relatively insufficient. Outdoor grown strains are a bit difficult and risky to do but with the right temperature and environment it can yield just as much and are best harvested around October to November.

Walter White Strain Review

Walter White is one of the smokers’ favorite because of its tropical creamy flavor. The flavor is interesting and distinct that it will leave you wanting more. They like it because the smell is not too pungent making it not that difficult to smoke, unlike other strains that buzz you in just one hit. Based on real experience from users and smokers, they find Walter White best smoked in the evening rather than in the morning. The effects are more indica-dominant for them leaving them physically relaxed and wanting to catch some sleep. Yes, it has an energizing feeling but the after-effects leave them drowsy and calm. They find it an effective alternative for laboratory-formulated medicines treating anxiety and depression. Walter White wipes all the worries away. The feeling of being genuinely happy and uplifted lasts for up to three hours the most depending on your dosage. Get its uplifting effect and get premium Walter White Strain seeds and other cannabis seeds at MOM Canada.

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