What Is The Best Way To Smoke Hash?


Smoking hash gives a little bit more intense effects than smoking weed. Hash has been around for as long as the discovery of weed. It is more potent than weed and has considerably much higher THC content than plain weed. The process of separating and compressing the structure and trichomes of a bud into a block of brown paste at the right temperature and time allows it to have a higher potency rate than just weed. Smoking has is more complicated and difficult than smoking weed. So here if you don’t know how-to, here are the right ways to smoke hash:

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Glass Tepee Method

If you get the hang of this method, the others will be easier for you. First, you need to have a sewing pin and you must pin it through a cigarette. Pin the hash on the tip of the pin and put everything horizontally in a clear glass so it creates a bridge on top of the glass. Light your hash and cover the opening of the glass. Let the glass filled with smoke then breathe it in.

Spliff Rolling

This must be the most common, easiest, and fastest way of smoking hash. A spliff is just like a joint, a combination of tobacco and weed rolled into a paper. For smoking hash, you can do this as well, you can mix tobacco and hash and roll it into a paper. Make sure you prepare a ground hash, so you should have a grinder. Have a bigger block since the bigger block of hash would crush easier.

Sketchy Pole Method

This method is really easy, cheap, and effective, though it might sound a little sketchy sometimes. You can start out by getting a standard ballpoint pen and remove the ink stick inside and keep the hollow case to serve as your plastic tube. Then get a paper clip or a straight pin and pin the hash to the end of it. Burn slightly with a lighter just to enough to produce a first small whiff of smoke. Inhale the smoke from through the pen’s hollow tube.

Dabbing Method

Dabbing cannabis concentrates is pretty common. This refers to heating a certain concentrate form at the right temperature to bring out a good high. Since the hash is a form of cannabis concentrate, you can use it best in a full-melt hash and glass rig. Just follow the process of dabbing wax and shatter. And you’re good to go!

Hot Knives Method

This method is an old school that any smoker would know how to do it. But if you’re completely new and need instructions on how to smoke your hash (a concentrated form of weed) then here is what you need to do: first, you take two knives and heat them up above a fire stove or an electric stove. Once it is hot, you can take a bit of your hash and place it on one of the knife blades and cover it with the other knife on top of it. Once hot enough, there will be smoke, and you can inhale it through a straw or a hollow pen case.

Cup or Glass Method

This old-school method’s only too is a cup or a glass and a paper clip. You can start by preparing your hash and unfolding your paper clip. Pin some hash on the end or tip of the paper clip. Light them up and then cover the paper clip with a glass. Wait a few seconds to fill the glass with smoke then carefully slide to the edge of your table to inhale the smoke through a straw or any hollow tube.

Vaporizing Method

Vaporizing Hash may sound wrong, but it is actually really common and easy to do. Heat the hash to the desired temperature making sure that you don’t burn it. It would be better if you had a full melt hash since that is better for vaporizing than smoking. There are a wide variety of vaping gadgets and pens that are designed for vaping cannabis concentrates. Keeping a portable vaporizer in your gadget bag can be a handy way to vaporize your hash just about anywhere. You also get the added benefit of the healthier way of consuming cannabis although it is quite an investment.  It should be kept in mind though that not all vaporizer is designed to vape hash because you would need a higher temperature to vape hash than weed. Bette to choose a cool vaporizer with an option to control its temperature.


In conclusion, smoking Hash will give you a higher potency rate than just weed, since the hash is a concentrated form of cannabis. This form of cannabis is unlike the plain weed, so its best to know just how to smoke it the right way.

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