Weed Hangover: Is it Real?

Weed Hangover: Is it Real?

If you have tried drowning and drinking all night from tequilas and beer, then you probably know the awful effects of a hang-over. It destroys your motivation and creativity at work for a day or two. But have you tried experiencing a weed hang-over ever since you started weed smoking? This too is an irrevocable side-effect that you have to face whenever you smoke weed in extreme doses. They’re real too!

Although not all weed smokers have a weed hangover, the aspect ratio of the affected smoker is an 8 out of a 10. Yes, side effects have a high possibility of appearing after you got stoned the night before.



Similar to being hangover with alcohol, you’ll also feel a bit dehydrated when you have weed hangover. Due to the THC levels of weed, it’s cannabinoid properties already has side effects while we’re stoned. It binds together the submandibular glands of the mouth causing the salivation to stop. That’s why we’d have a dry or commonly referred to as cotton-mouthed feeling.

However, you don’t need to worry too much about dry mouth or dehydration since it won’t entail any ache on the body. Dehydration can easily be cured by drinking water. Yes, plain water decreases the cotton mouth feeling. You can also eat rich in juice fruits and vegetables like watermelons, pears, and oranges.



Considered the worst side effect of a hangover, headaches are inevitable. It is a little bit inclined to dehydration since the primary cause of having a headache is being dehydrated. The cotton-mouth feeling will still be present though still curable. Aside from treating dehydration with water, you can also prevent having a headache by avoiding extremely salty foods. However, some people struggle to avoid salty food especially because it is the most common food when you are at a smoking session.

Always remember to hydrate yourself with water while you’re still a bit stoned so that by the time your high subsides and hangover takes place you’ll feel a little dizzy but not too much dehydrated.

Dry Eyes

A hangover from smoking weed also affects your eyes. Due to the high THC level, weeds not only affects your mouth but is also capable of drying your eyes. It is usually exhibited with the red-colored eye when you wake up from being stoned in the morning. The cannabinoids you smoke blocks the tear gland of the eyes causing it to dry and to turn red.

Almost all weed smoker gets dry and red eyes after the high because this is the most common side effects of the THC. Although it can be treated through eyes drops or simply sleep it back to lessen the uncomfortable feeling in your eyes.

Brain Fatigue

You know you got stoned last night if you ask yourself where you are after waking up in the morning and getting up this way is not cool. Weed hangovers are known to induce confusion early in the morning just like the hangover from alcohol.

You’ll get a feeling that your brain is still on the verge of receiving the cannabinoids that you smoked from last night and the hangover is its side effects. But you don’t need to worry about it because all you have to do is get a good breakfast, reload your body with carbs and caffeine to stimulate energy outside the body. Taking a good bath can also reduce brain stress and contribute to wearing out the hangover.

Groggy and Sluggish

Just like the word “sluggish”, when you are under a weed hangover, you’ll feel drowsy and you’d want

to scoop back up in your bed and get couch-locked the whole day. A specific alter effect of smoking weed is the lack of motivation to regain energy. While consuming the THC of the weed, it boosts your energy and increases your creativity and motivation. However, when the high wear out the brain neurotransmitters responsible for the hype activity also loses its energy. That is why at the hangover stage all you’d want to do is sleep and rebuild the pathogenic effect caused by smoking weed.

Pro-Marijuana Smokers

It’s not totally 100% proven that smoking marijuana really causes a severe hangover, some professional and regular users even say that they don’t get any of the after-effects mentioned above. Your system is physiologically adjusting to the tetrahydrocannabinol properties induced to the body.

Since our body functions normally by the time THC enters the system, the body process executes an abrupt effect from the smoke. The body, of course, wears out its energy since we’re not robots, it undergoes the repair and restoration stage, “the hangover” stage.

To avoid being hammered with headache, dry mouth, dry eyes, and dehydration make sure to drink as plenty of water as you can, don’t slouch and frequently move to avoid your hangover from totally sinking in you, ignore and worry only for a little time frame, since the worst feeling only lasts for not more than 15 minutes.

If you can still feel the hangover, the aches, and the drowsy feeling, make it a lesson learned. Next time reduce the dose or the length of smoking weed and pick a strain that’s milder, preferably any Sativa strains will do.

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