Which is the Best Marijuana To Grow in Canada?


Which is the Best Marijuana Growing in Canada?

Indoors or Outdoors?

Canada is generally known for its cold climate, merciless winters and sleet. However, what non-Canadians don’t know is that maple country actually has a diverse type of weather depending on the region. It could vary from permafrost in the north to four distinct seasons towards the equator. In the summer, the temperature could rise up to 35 degrees Celsius and typically drops down to 25 degrees Celsius in the winter. Since the weather is mostly cold and damp all year round, Indica is the perfect type of strain to grow in this country.

Cannabis Life Cycle

In marijuana’s usual life cycle, you can have the sprout ready in 3-4 days in the springtime, begin growing buds in the summertime and it will be ready for harvesting during autumn. Because there are different kinds of strain and most of them are cultivated, some strains might take a month or two longer than the others. This kind of process, of course, works in places with no complex climate and has received sunlight on a daily basis. Nevertheless, attention to the development of the plant is the key to make sure that it has been receiving the right amount of nutrients and hand cares it needs for greater yields.

In non-tropical countries like Canada where the sun seems to hide away behind the clouds most of the time, extra care is required to achieve your desired crop. If you live in a region that includes frosts at the beginning of the spring season, it is best to grow inside a greenhouse. Being exposed to frost multiple times in a row might lose the taste and potency of the strain. Although the cold and frostiness might not help in terms of planting your strain to the ground, it will be a big help in managing the temperature inside your cultivation area where you use artificial lights and fans that tend to overheat from time to time and will decrease the potency of the plant.

Marijuana Strains: The Verdict

Some examples of strains that you can grow indoors are OG Kush, Super Skunk, and Strawberry. All three are Indica strains and have a typical flowering period of 8-10 weeks. These strains produce greater yields and larger buds when placed indoors. Most Indica plants are also auto-flowering plants which means you won’t need to change the lighting cycles of your grow lamps and you won’t have to remove the male plants (female plants produce buds, some breeds require removal of the male plants to prevent pollination of the females).

On the other hand, climate should not hold you back from your freedom to plant your strain outside if you wish to do so. There are strains that could actually resist harsh weathers like the Texada Timewarp, Freezeland, and Manitoba Poison. The disadvantages that outdoor growers seem to worry about is not the cold weather but thieves, animals that sometimes wander off from the woods, nosy neighbors at times and most are the cops because you need to have a license before you can grow this plant so make sure to obtain one first to stay out of trouble. Also, in countries like this, strains with long flowering time is highly discouraged because you are racing with time it’s best to choose seeds that grow in almost no time. It is recommended starting plants from clone rather than seeds because they are at a more mature stage and that reduces the growth cycle length. You can also play tricks to speed up the process because, during vegetation, cannabis strain only needs 12 hours or less amount of exposure to sunlight because it doesn’t only allow you to harvest early but will also show more compact and larger buds.


Like any other crop in the field, a marijuana plant that is neglected of its needs becomes sick and this decrease or worse turns all your work to zero. To avoid this, you need to be keen with the changes that are taking place from one stage to another and keep a record whether it is showing signs of development. Some of the things to take watch out for to tell if the strain is sick are curled edges on leaves, yellowing leaves or have brown or burn spots when the lower leaves drop off, petioles appear discolored or purple and when it is growing behind it’s supposed timeline. Making quick adjustments to your plant-care routine can survive the strain from all these conditions.

To make the most out of your medical cannabis, make sure to know all the steps and tips to keep it growing and flowering. Planting outdoors and indoors can be an adventure for someone who only tried one of these two methods. The best thing to do is not be afraid to explore especially when you are a beginner.

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