The White Castle Strain Above the Skies

What does it feel like to be floating on a castle that is settled on the heavens above? This is what this White Castle strain allows you to experience. You will feel more than just a crown that is placed on your head but also a feeling of gratitude and incredible high that will make you step up on that pedestal.

What is White Castle strain?

The White Castle marijuana strain comes from a 60% indica and 40% sativa lineage. It is brought down from the heavens through the thorough crossing of two classical strains of White Widow and Nirvana’s Ice strain. It is also considered as an F1 hybrid strain that boasts powerful effects on your body.

There is a slight issue when it comes to its parent strain which made a fuzz in the marijuana industry. The mother strain which is the White Widow is known to have a poor plant structure but a big thanks to its father strain, the Ice, strength was bestowed on its branches making it a better version of these two strains.

History of White Castle Cannabis Strain

The White Castle cannabis strain is bred by the breeders at Nirvana Genetics through the careful crossing of White Widow and Ice. They made sure to capture the best qualities of these strains to come up with an upgraded version of these two legendary marijuana strains.

Characteristics of White Castle Weed Strain

Physical structure

The structure of the White Castle strain shows a dense bud that is largely populated when grown in the right way. Aside from that, the buds of this strain present a fluffy form with light green colored nugs that are splattered with orange-colored hairs. It also has white crystalline-like trichomes that cover the whole buds making a somewhat thick snow-like blanket.


The White Castle projects a flavorful aroma of strawberries and berries with a hint of earthy and sweet overtones.


Just like its aroma, this strain exudes a sweet blend of berries and strawberries that sticks to your tastebuds once smoked.


If you’re after a marijuana strain that can take you high above the heavens with a feeling of euphoria then the White Castle weed might be the one that you’re looking for. More than that, it can make you feel sleepy which makes it a great day-ender after a tiring day at work, school, or at home. You will totally feel happy, ecstatic, and a bit sociable since it can open your mind to talking to the people around you

The White Castle strain also makes you a bit lost in translation at times even when you’re in the middle of a conversation with a friend or family member. You will totally feel a combination of good emotions of happiness and giggliness while carefully carry you to a world of relaxed mind and body.

Medical benefits

Since it can take your spirits up, it is said to be effective against the alleviation of the symptoms of depression, nausea, inflammation, appetite loss, pain, and stress.

THC Content

This White Castle strain has a 13% to 19% THC level.

CBD Content

The White Castle cannabis strain doesn’t contain any CBD levels.

Flowering Time

It is known to have a flowering duration of about 56-70 days before it is good for harvest.


White Castle would be a big bet for beginner growers since it is quite easy to cultivate and manage just make sure to have a well-controlled indoor environment and then you’re good to go.

Plant Height

This marijuana strain can grow as much as 56 inches high.


This White Castle marijuana strain can produce as much as 500 grams per square meter.

How to Grow White Castle Marijuana Strain?

The best possible method that can be used with the White Castle strain is the Sea of Green Method and make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 8°F. With this, you can expect to have a very good bountiful harvest at the end of the season. This strain will work wonders when it is grown indoors rather than outdoors.

White Castle Review

Marijuana users would always suggest this strain for those who are looking for something that will not taste bad rather will make you feel a child with a luscious burst of sweet flavors on your palate. It has been an ideal strain of choice by people who are into marijuana vaping since it exudes a delicious smell as well as taste that is not irritating to the throat.

A lot of people who have experienced taking this White Castle marijuana strain would definitely recommend it to battle out pain,  body aches, and eating disorders. Other than that, there were also manifestos that suggest people who are feeling a bit down or a little bit stressed out to take this strain and watch how it will take from under the ground up to a beautiful White Castle above the clouds.
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