Who is Eligible?

Medical marijuana is proven as a safe alternative to all pharmaceutical drugs. But the topic is filled with controversy and confusion for many Canadians suffering from a wide variety of health issues and diseases. If you are wondering about medical marijuana Canada eligibility, read on and help yourself through this article.

MMPR Program: How to Become Eligible?

Health Canada protects patients using marijuana for medical purposes through a set of regulations called “Marijuana for Medical Purpose Regulations or MMPR, which is set effective since March 31, 2014. Under the program, the decision to use cannabis for medical reasons comes between the physician and his patient alone.

To become eligible under MMPR program you will have to present medical documentation proving your diagnosis made by an authorized health care provider, either by a physician or a nurse practitioner. The MMPR does not limit any medical conditions in which a physician or a nurse practitioner can prescribe the use of medical marijuana. The choice is solely based on the health care provider’s discretion supported by certain medical studies.

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What is the Necessary Information included in a Medical Document?

Upon obtaining a medical document from a health care practitioner, the following information must be included along with the date and signature of your health care provider:

  • It must include your personal information such as your name, date of birth and address where you consulted your health practitioner.
  • The daily dose or grams of dried marijuana you are allowed to use including the time frame you need to use marijuana. (The period of use must not exceed one year from the date your medical practitioner signed the document)
  • Your medical practitioner’s name, profession, license information (license number, place and scope of practice), business address and contact information including e-mail address if applicable.
  • An attestation claiming that the information contained in the medical document is true and complete.

Health care providers are allowed to use Health Canada’s sample of a medical document or use their desired format as long as they provide the necessary information as stated above. Once you have successfully obtained your medical document, you can now register as a medical marijuana recipient with an authorized producer of your choice. In order to register, you will have to provide necessary documents based on the application requirements of your desired producer. This will include your original medical documents so you can order dried marijuana following Medical Marijuana Canada laws.

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