Why Girls who Smoke Weed Make a Better Girlfriend

They say that there are so many fishes in the sea, but not every catch is special. If you are searching for the best girlfriend in the world, then it is advisable that you look for those who smoke weed. Cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy lots of benefits if they find girlfriends who also love weed. In fact, research suggests that couples or partners who enjoy the same hobbies tend to have a stronger and longer relationship. You don’t want to get involved in a relationship where the two of you don’t have similarities.

Many agree that the coolest babes out there are those who know how to roll a joint. Things can become more fun and enjoyable if the two of you love smoking weed or marijuana. Relationships become happier and you will surely enjoy every moment of it if you know how to look for the best and the sweetest partner out there. And as mentioned before, it is advisable that you choose a girlfriend who also loves smoking weed or marijuana. Here are the reasons as to why girls who smoke weed makes a better girlfriend.

They are more independent than you think

Women who smoke weed tends to think for their own. They believe in freedom and liberty, which means that they don’t care about what society tells them. They act according to their own free will and will make sure that they are happy and pleased with whatever they are doing. She can think for herself and you will be able to appreciate how she does things. Relationships are easier if you have a partner who is independent.

They roll a joint more carefully than you

Women have more gracious hands. They are smooth when it comes to handcrafts and rolling a joint is no exemption. Since they are careful when it comes to doing something, their rolling abilities are excellent. They are like origami masters when rolling a joint for you. Men tend to be so strong and this can lead to a loose or improper rolling of joints. If you want someone who can perfectly roll a good joint for you, then it is best that you look for women who love weed.

They can make the relationship more fun

Because you share the same hobby together, you and your cannabis-loving girlfriend will never be bored together. No need for you to go spend money on film houses or buying expensive clothes. All you need is pizza and coffee! The relationship is also fun because you get to enjoy lots of talks while smoking weed. Weed can make you feel more creative and your mind becomes more relaxed. How sweet it is to feel very comfortable and at home talking to your girlfriend while smoking weed.

They know how to keep you calm

Weed has a very relaxing effect that can calm your nerves. This wonderful herb is known to promote peace, joy, and bliss. When your girlfriend is a weed lover, expect her to be a calm creature–not the nagging one. You don’t have to worry about wild girlfriends who love raising their voices. Expect your girlfriend to make you feel calm since she is also calm. According to research, ladies who smoke weed tend to have a more natural relaxed demeanor. They love to chill and they love having fun. Also, weed is an excellent stress-reliever, and so expect a less stress partner. The less stress you are the more relaxed and calm you are as well.

They are good when it comes to sharing

Ladies who love weed knows how to share. This is because they are aware of the concept of weed smoking, which generally means, sharing. You might find this hard to believe, but smoking weed can actually make you feel more selfless. This is because weed is meant to be smoked with friends. Passing the joint promotes unity and generosity. This becomes a habit. And so if you want a girlfriend who is truly generous, then it is advisable that you look for those who love weed.

They enjoy great music

The weed experience becomes more pleasant and relaxing if you listen to the music. Imagine yourself and your girlfriend getting high while listening to the best music in your room. They love great music and has an incredible
taste. You don’t want a boring girlfriend who does not love music. You want one who loves to explore new music, bands, and playlist. Most, if not all, ladies who smoke weed are music lovers. They also love going to concerts. Instead of going alone, why not bring your girlfriend. Imagine the two of you watching the concert of your most favorite band in the world. How wonderful it is to have a girlfriend who knows the lyrics of your favorite songs.

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