Smoking The Best Pre-Rolled Joints

Marijuana can be enjoyed in many forms, but nothing beats the memory when we first hit pre-rolled joints. Smoking a joint is the cheapest and easiest way to enjoy marijuana.

Use and Toss: Pre-rolled Joints

Smoking pre-rolled joints don’t require the investment of bongs or other weed tools for you to enjoy the effects of cannabis. It simply uses a special filter and paper rolled like a cigarette, and then your weed can be easily smoked and disposed of afterward. However, rolling tight and fat joints yourself is not as easy as you might think. It takes some nimble fingers, patience, and practice for you to roll a joint that burns just right.

Good thing, there are lots of dispensaries, recreational shops, and online marijuana shops in Canada that sell quality pre-rolled joints. Some even offer shipping and delivery of quality and medical grade marijuana right at your door.

How to Check for the Quality Pre-rolled Joints?

Pre-rolled joints, unfortunately, have been labeled by many marijuana users as just a roll of marijuana scrap. That is because some marijuana dispensaries use poor quality materials in making pre-rolled joints. However, not all dispensaries and marijuana shops are alike, so the quality of pre-rolled joints we buy can vary a lot.

What we want to see in the contents of our pre-rolled joints are pure high-quality flowers, without the trim or shake. That is quite hard to detect especially because the paper material used in pre-rolls usually hide what is inside. The best way to see if we bought high-quality pre-rolled marijuana is to cut one joint open and see if the contents are the same as a newly grounded nug.

If you notice dry contents or if your pre-rolled joint has some leaf materials and stems, it is usually a sign that your pre-rolls are of bad quality. What’s even worst is that some pre-rolled joints are made out of combining various strains (called rainbow or mystery joints). So before you decide on buying a bunch of pre-rolls, ask your source directly or just look upon its contents, as we all deserve a joint made of freshly grounded and quality nugs.

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