4 Practical Reasons Why Marijuana Gives you the Munchies

What is the “munchies”?

Have you ever had a good pot session and suddenly felt a strong urge to gobble all sorts of edibles after? Almost all weed consumptions lead to users feeling hungry. The slang for this feeling of hunger is “munchies”. Various factors take play during this phenomenon. What we know of for sure is that this is no longer a mystery. Science has since found a concrete explanation for this.

While others complain about such effect, most medically-challenged users crave for the weed’s appetite-enhancing advantage. In most cases, cancer patients going through chemotherapy tend to be the common beneficiaries of the weed’s munchies effect. Such effect by the pot can be very well regarded as its very own unique characteristic.


Marijuana’s Scent-Boosting Power

Marijuana increases olfactory ability. It opens the sense up to an acutely maximized state. This phenomenon is made possible by natural chemicals found in the herb. The Marijuana cannabinoid chemicals fit perfectly with the brain’s natural endocannabinoid system thus, further opening the receptor’s sensitivity to emotional, scent, and flavor changes. Along with this movement, both chemicals adjust with each other, constantly re-wiring the signal nerves to make sense of chemical changes.

The Marijuana/Cannabis possesses a strong ability to boost up the scent/olfactory gland’s reception. Respectively, the olfactory gland takes credit for making your nose point to the direction of a perfectly-cooked chicken. Coincidentally, scent and taste glands are very close. Certain chemicals of the marijuana/cannabis alter the brain’s state, bringing it back to when it processed a feeling of starvation. Every time you feel hungry after a good pot session, be aware that it is your mind telling you that, not your stomach.

Other reasons why Marijuana gives you the “munchies”:

POMC Neurons at Play

The proopiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons are the hunger-stimulating agents in the brain. These neurons react well to the exciting cannabinoid chemicals of the pot. During the process, both chemicals match up to create an illusion that the stomach is starving. Accordingly, the biggest factor that facilitates all these things in action is high-stimulating chemical agents of cannabis.

The Marijuana/weed/pot’s THC content

The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the power source of the pot. It takes full credit for causing most of the cannabis’ high psychological effects. During the penetration of the substance into the brain system, the TCH waits for the cannabinoid to open up the passageways to an illusion. From there, it enters and draws possibilities that are later taken in by the nerves and into the gland. What this whole process creates are sensations. These sensations, in turn, stimulate the senses, opening them up to a blast.

Marijuana working on the dopamine levels

Everything is interconnected in the nervous system. For instance, when the TCH propels high-signal sending activities into the nerves, the dopamine levels naturally undergo fluctuations. What is dopamine in the first place? Well, imagine that your brain has passageways. Let us call these passageways, roads. In order for messages to move along the roads, chemical fluids trickle into them as message-bearers. These bearers will then later become signals telling the brain what to feel. The whole process takes its toll on the dopamine and in order for the dopamine to compensate-it yields to sending hunger signals to the brain.

Marijuana altering perception and behavior

As mentioned earlier, the entire dramatic process going on the cerebral sphere affects the whole system. And since drastic measures are ensured that signals are passed through, chemicals are responded and matched up with, dopamine levels are torn here and about and the person’s entire psychological scheme instantly takes a roller coaster ride.

Nothing to Worry About

Getting the munchies gets a mixed reception among users. By all means, it is the pot’s nature to urge the mind to think in such a way and level. Whatever the case, it is highly important that we are aware of the apogees in our nervous system. Now that we are fully aware of the agents’ capacities and reactions inside the brain, we can actually take charge in terms of consumption-planning the dosage, frequency and schedule is the best that we can do on our part.

All-in-all, getting the munchies is never a serious thing. You can consider it as the pot’s distinct trait. A pot is known as pot thanks to such effect. Yet, you should also be aware of the possibility that you may not always end up getting the same effect with continued use. The main reason for this is tolerance. With continued use, your mind builds an immunity to such effect. This almost always leads to the emergence of new and exciting other effects. If you are all hands to this-then pot smoking should really be fun for you. Most certainly though, pot-smoking is fun.

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