Why you Should Stop Drinking Alcohol and Start Smoking Weed Instead

Drinking alcohol is common to us all. We enjoy alcohol because we think that it gives us pleasure and satisfaction. Some of us drink too much that we have no idea about what we are doing. Alcohol is also notorious for giving drinkers hangovers. Hangovers are unpleasant and total uncool since they can ruin our day.

Aside from hangovers, alcohol can also make you unhealthy. Yes, alcohol contains a compound that can ruin your internal organs such as your liver. Drinking too much of it can also give you life-threatening diseases. According to statistics, the number of alcohol-related deaths has increased over the past few years.

You also don’t want to get long-term health issues because you take in too much alcohol. Bear in mind that alcohol can give you cardiovascular problems, diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, obesity, and even cancer. Alcoholism can also lead to reckless and criminal behavior has bad consequences. The truth is, car accident odds increase by more than 2,000% if you drink too much alcohol. This is because alcohol can also cause a blackout. Many individuals went to jail or have suffered debilitating diseases because of alcohol.

While it is true that alcohol can help you get a good time, keep in mind that there are many risks involved. If you really want to have a good time and at the same time enjoy many health benefits, then it is better you start drinking alcohol and start taking weed.

Why Weed?


Weed or marijuana has become very popular these days because many studies proving how beneficial it is to humans are popping out every year. Science and technology have proven how incredible marijuana is when it comes to treating certain kinds of diseases. Many parents from different parts of the world are giving their children a dose of weed every day in order to boost their immune system. Aside from this, weed has been used by many individuals all over the world to treat or relieve certain pain and ailments. This is because weed or cannabis contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Treating arthritis, spinal cord injury, headaches, and migraines is now easier with the help of weed.

Another great thing about weed is that they contain THC and CBD compounds. These compounds are very useful when it comes to relieving physical and even mental conditions. Believe it or not, weed can be used to help people combat stress and anxiety. If you feel like you are getting too much stress from work, it is recommended that you take in weed. Apart from relieving all your stress and worries in life, weed is also great for treating patients who are suffering from PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and people who suffer from mood swings.

Weed contains relaxing effects that ease your mind and removes all your pain away. This is why many patients who are suffering from pain due to a certain medical condition is using weed or marijuana.

The Problem with Alcohol

Weed can also give you a great blissful and euphoric feeling. Alcohol can indeed give you a great time with your friends and it is quite enjoyable. But the problem with alcohol is that it gives you a hangover. Hangovers can cause dizziness, laziness, and you feel like you hear is going to explode because of a headache. Alcohol can dehydrate your body. Remember that dehydration can cause a lot of problems such as a headache, migraines, dryness of mouth, and lethargy. This is not pleasant at all to experience.

Drinking alcohol can cause an increase in blood pressure, damage your heart, and can even give you cancer. Too much alcohol can lead to mouth, colon, and liver cancer. However, it is quite the opposite when it comes to weed. This is because instead of giving you serious diseases and sicknesses, weed helps you prevent it. Any wise individual should shift from alcohol to weed.


Both weed and alcohol are addictive but the problem is that alcohol can be harmful. Weed is safe and effective when it comes to giving you a healthier body–science can back this claim. And apart from giving you a very relaxing feeling, weed can also make you feel more creative. Too much alcohol can give you a blackout while weed can make you become more productive. It is not advisable that you do something or finish an assignment under the influence of alcohol. However, it is a good idea that you take weed while you are trying to finish an art project.

It is better to feel more relaxed the day after smoking weed than having hangovers. The only advantage of alcohol is that you can buy cheap ones. Also, it is very easy and convenient to buy alcohol than weed or marijuana. Moreover, alcohol is legal for all countries. Still, the advantages of alcohol do not erase the fact that marijuana is still better.

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