Mail Order Marijuana In Winnipeg

Winnipeg residents can order real weed strains from our website now. We understand that it’s hard to find weed strains dispensary locations near you that’s why we have created this website. We aim to bridge the gap between you and the high-quality source of real marijuana products such as bud, cookies, brownies, tinctures, bread loaf, butter, and a lot more.

We offer safe and discreet shipping of our products to the shipping address of your choice (home, office, or wherever you want it sent). We are located in British Columbia where the best of marijuana weed strain buds in North America are grown for medical and recreational purposes. M.O.M Canada works with the best weed growers and chefs to bring you the finest bud, hash, edibles food, and a lot more of other real marijuana products for sale in a legal cannabis dispensary.

Our website has a wide array of selections of products which you can order any time. We offer free shipping to orders over $200 and we also give discounts to medical marijuana cardholders and for those who can prove their medical condition.

To give you ease in ordering our real marijuana products, we offer two ordering options. You can order by printing out a PDF order Form and filling it up with your information, then you can contact us for our mailing address. Once you have paid for full, you will then send your tracking number and the shipment should arrive in the soonest time possible.

You can also order online by selecting the product that you want to buy from us. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions and put in your exact Winnipeg address. We will then send the payment details right to your email address. Just follow the instructions on how to pay for your order. After you have paid in full, we will send your tracking number to your email address and your order should be on its way by that time.

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