How Many Plants Can You Grow in Canada

Growing weed strains in your home is now legal in Canada, although it would require that you get a License to Produce Marijuana from Health Canada, the governing body for growing your cannabis. In most cases, patients would grow them by themselves once authorized but they can also opt to have someone else grow it for them. Any individual wanting to get a permit to grow weed strains should also be free of any drug-related conviction in the past 10 years.

As per the law, security measurements should be added to vicinities that grow weed strains and there are strict laws about the storage and disposal of the plant as well.

Personal public possession

Any individual 19 years old and above can be allowed to possess at most 30 grams of non-medical cannabis in any public space as long as it aligns with the possession limit. When driving, the cannabis should be stored in a sealed container and/or inaccessible to the occupant. Drug-impaired driving will still be illegal and using marijuana in any vehicle is also not allowed. Publicly, smoking marijuana is generally allowed where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. As growing locations cannot be near in areas where minors frequent, smoking and/or vaping of non-medical marijuana is banned in areas with children including parks and playgrounds and areas near schools. Local government also have some power over the laws passed on the use of weed strains in public. Some provinces in Canada have stated that public smoking of marijuana is banned at all times under any circumstances.

Local governments can set additional restrictions as so in tobacco use. Additionally, strata councils, municipalities, landlords and/or building management can restrict and prohibit the usage of non-medical cannabis in tenanted areas.

So How Much Can You Grow?

One individual is allowed to grow weed strains for up to two patients at a time. A maximum of three patients is allowed for a single address. The amount of dried Marijuana you can store and the number of plants you can grow depends largely on the amount of cannabis prescribed to the patient but also depends on whether you are growing them indoors or outdoors.

Each prescribed 1 gram per day to a patient is the standard for the formula of a number of plants you can grow.

Indoors, you can grow five plants and store 225 grams for a prescribes 1 gram a day. Outdoors, you can grow two plants and store 750 grams for a prescribed 1 gram per day. If you’re going to grow both indoors and outdoors, then you can grow up to 4 plants indoors and 1 plant outdoors and store 375 grams for each prescribe 1 gram per day.

Every registered certificate has growing limits. Each individual must grow within the limits on their certificates specified as the following:

  • Maximum cannabis plant limit
  • Maximum cannabis storage limit
  • Maximum possession limit

According to Health Canada, no one is allowed to grow, cultivate and/or produce cannabis in Canada for any other purpose than medical issues. It has also been stated that it is illegal to share or provide cannabis plants or products to anyone else. However, designating another person to legally grow medical cannabis for you –if you are a patient –is allowed.

Security Measures

When growing medical Marijuana in your home whether for yourself or for another patient, security measures must be in place or installed and there should be proper storage, all done before you can get approved by Health Canada. ACMPR is very strict about its security measures and should be compiled to at all times.

Theft is a serious growing problem with growing legal marijuana as it can be sold for a very high price to recreational users. Some safety measures recommended by ACMPR are reinforced steel doors, alarm systems, property fences, motion lighting, dogs and/or human supervision. Safe storage of dried marijuana should also be kept in mind and stored in locked places or otherwise inaccessible to other people.

Breaking that law could lead to punishments ranging from a $5,000 fine to time in prison.

In conclusion

Anyone wanting and is already growing marijuana must conform to all local safety codes including the electrical safety code as enforced by the authorizing body. Health Canada or any law enforcement (whether municipal or territorial building) can have an electrical inspector to inspect the status of your electrical system.

As the law states, no growing should be done in any location near any school, public parks or spaces that minority frequently visits. Plants grown should not be visible to outsiders and accordingly, security measures should be taken. Any form of breaking the law set upon by the governing bodies can and will impose a fine from $5,000 to time in prison.

At most you can grow up to 4 plants indoors and 1 plant outdoors and store 375 grams for each prescribe 1 gram per day.

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