Our Complete Guide to Buying Marijuana Online in 2021

Our Complete Guide to Buying Marijuana Online in 2021

If you’re new to the world of buying marijuana online, it can seem like a tricky process, especially regarding the rules in Canada, what type of product you should buy that suits your wants and needs, and understanding the different strains or benefits of consuming them in the first place. But that’s exactly why we’re making this complete guide for you – to understand absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to buying marijuana online, as well as some of our most-loved marijuana-infused products.

Firstly, allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re MOM Canada and we’re one of the first mail-order marijuana distributors in Canada that have been operating since 2011. Over the years, we’ve worked with various suppliers and industry professionals in order to craft the best possible medical marijuana products for people all across the country. We’re continuously looking for ways to improve our recipes and add new products to our site that will benefit our customers in many positive ways.

Ultimately, we want to be the number one trusted online marijuana supplier that you rely on. From marijuana-infused drinks and edibles to marijuana for your pet or sick family member, we have the right high-quality solution for you and will get into our favourite products below.

Understanding Strains

When it comes to ordering any marijuana product, you need to understand the difference in strains as each strain will cause different side effects.

We sell THC and CBD products.

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is ultimately the compound in marijuana that provides users with a “high” sensation. Depending on how it has entered the body will depend on how long you can expect it to take effect, and how long the effects will last. THC can cause mental and physical relaxation

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is a compound derived from hemp and does not produce a psychoactive effect, but rather still helps people to relax and is known for reducing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. While the effects are different for everyone, how long it takes to have an effect on you and how long the effects last will also depend on how it’s entered into the body. This is why we’ve come up with solutions for everyone’s needs and preferences.

Buying Cannabis Drinks


Even if you’ve never had cannabis edibles before, you’ve likely heard of them (you know … those “special brownies” or “special candies”?)

But have you ever heard about cannabis drinks? Cannabis drinks can come in all types of forms, including in your favourite tea blend that can be drunk hot or cold, or a hot cocoa blend! Whether you want to start or finish your day off with a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate, we have a wide range of products that everyone can enjoy.

The Best Cannabis Drinks For 2021

  1. Soleaf Hemp CBD-Infused Tea
    Coming in three different kinds of teas, this CBD-infused drink is a great option for those who don’t enjoy feeling high or who dislike smoking marijuana. Each bag comes with 7mg of CBD but is composed of different ingredients. Customers love our “ENERGY” tea that is perfect for starting your day off right with hints of flavours like peppermint, cardamom, cinnamon, and more. It’s also great for relaxing your mind and muscles and improving gut health.
  2. Chocolate Mix
    This Meadow Sweet Chocolate Mix is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth! It tastes just like normal hot chocolate, but due to the THC, will have much different healing and therapeutic benefits after consuming it. To balance out the sweetness and other flavours, this chocolatey-goodness has notes of vanilla bean that are also high in minerals required to keep your bones, muscles and joints healthy.
  3. Chai Spice Blend Tea
    Also from Meadow Sweet is this much-loved chai spice blend tea that is full of flavours such as cinnamon, ginger root, black peppercorn, coconut, and cardamom. Did you know that cardamom pods can help to improve nausea, constipation, and acid reflux? Plus, mixed with the cannabis flower, you can say goodbye to bloating and nausea altogether

Buying Marijuana CBD


Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, many Canadians are now able to access the soothing product a lot more easily. CBD can help a variety of medical conditions including glaucoma, chronic pain, migraines and headaches, depression, PTSD, or those undergoing cancer treatments. CBD can come in many forms, so if you prefer smoking it, eating it, drinking it, or using CBD-infused creams, we’ve got the right products for you.

The Best Marijuana CBD Products For 2021

We like having a little bit of variety when it comes to CBD products. If you’re someone who doesn’t like affecting their state of mind and you just want to feel the relaxing effect of CBD, here are some popular items you might like that can be shipped right to your front door.

    1. Sovrin ClearStick Cartridges
      When browsing through our selection of vape cartridges, make sure you carefully select the type of strain you’d like as we have pure THC, pure CBD, and a mixture of both. We currently have pure CBD in two flavours: grape and mango. All cartridge flavours are completely all-natural and of the highest quality possible so you can taste the freshness of the fruit.
    2. Lit Wellness CBD Bath Bombs
      Bath bombs are the new crave everyone is into nowadays. And why wouldn’t they be? You get to relax in the tub and be surrounded by invigorating scents and healing properties. These bath bombs are filled with 150mg of CBD and natural scents for both men and women to relax in at the end of a long day. Take your pain away with these rose or charcoal bath bombs that are one of our new and favourite products!
    3. CBD Tinctures
      If you’re looking for a product to use daily to ease your anxiety or regulate your sleep schedule, then CBD tinctures are for you. This 30mL bottle comes with a dropper so you can measure the precise amount you need every single day. It’s suitable for all ages, including children with medical complications (and the go-ahead from their doctor).

Buying Marijuana Edibles


Smoking is the traditional way of using marijuana, but some people just simply don’t like it. If that sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate these marijuana edibles that are crafted from high-quality ingredients, taste great and better yet, work great to relax your mind and muscles.

The Best Marijuana Edibles For 2021

The main difference between cannabis edibles and other kinds of weed products is how the body processes the active cannabis ingredients. In fact, many cannabis users have reported that edibles produce the same effects for them as when they previously smoked or vaped it. Here are just a few of our customer-favourite edibles:

  1. Skunky’s Traditional Gummy Candy
    Each yummy bag of Skunky’s Gummy Candy comes in great shapes and flavours and is dusted with sugar. They’re also full of 225mg of THC per package. So, whether you’re craving some bubble gum flavours, Coca Cola, or sour berries, you’ll appreciate these medicating and tasty gummies.
  2. Treat Leaf Original Candy Bags
    These 80mg, three-piece candy bags are made of high-quality ingredients that are packed full of delicious flavouring that effectively uplift your mood and provide you with the right amount of energy. Some of the most-loved flavours include green apple, black cherry, pear, peach and cherry cola. If you’re looking for stronger candy, there are others available: 360mg and 720mg).
  3. Sesh Edibles Chocolate Bar
    Are you more of a chocolate lover? We can’t argue with that which is why we carry this 250mg marijuana-infused milk chocolate bar from Sesh. Hand-poured in Vancouver from the finest Belgian chocolate on earth, it’s the perfect amount of sweetness and dosage. Choose your favourite flavour: cookies n’ cream, salted caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate raspberry.


Buying Marijuana Extracts

We’ve covered edibles and drinks, but they’re still not your thing. That’s okay. We have a wide selection of marijuana extracts for sale online as well. Now, you’re in control of how you consume THC, CBD, or a mixture of both.

The Best Marijuana Extracts For 2021

Our marijuana extract products are derived from both hemp and marijuana plants. Remember, hemp extracts are high in CBD and will not alter your state of mind, whereas marijuana plant extracts are high in THC and will provide users with a feeling of euphoria. So, depending on what type of feeling you’re looking for, make sure you choose wisely! And, of course, if you ever have any questions about the products we carry or suggest for your personal use, please reach out to us.

  1. Mercedes Hash
    Whether you’re looking for 1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams or 14 grams, this original Mercedes Black Hash comes at an affordable price and high-quality properties. This hash contains 40% of THC that can be consumed via smoking, or added to food. The flavour is strong, bold, and takes you back to high school days!
  2. Bulk of 10mg THC Canna Gel Caps
    These THC gel caps can positively affect multiple areas of your body in order to relieve pain, inflammation, and boost your mood. A bulk bag of ten or 30 caps are available for a great price and shipped right to your door as soon as possible so you can ease your pain quickly and efficiently.
  3. Dragon’s Tears Oil – Viridesco
    This is by far the best oil created by professionals and will instantly take you to a euphoric headspace. It contains over 73.3% of cannabinoids, 67.8% of THC levels and is 69% Indica. Or as Viridesco likes to put it: it’s straight from the dragon’s mouth. Available in both 2mL or 5mL bottles.


Buying Marijuana For Pet Care

Most people are surprised to hear that medical marijuana products are actually safe for their pets to use as well. Just like humans, pets can end up with sore joints or muscles so they need pain relievers too. That’s why we started carrying CBD products that have been fully tested for the use of cats and dogs.

Note: It’s only recommended to provide your pet with CBD, not THC.

The Best Marijuana For Pet Care Online For 2021

We’re cat and dog lovers too, therefore, we want to offer them high-quality products that can relieve them of their pain. We currently have three products available that have been fully tested and are safe to use on your beloved furry friends.

  1. Pet Sniffer Salve – APAWTHECARYPETS
    This Sniffer Salve is 100% natural, organic and full of healing solubles that fight infection and inflammation. It’s veterinarian-approved and aims to protect your dog’s nose in weather conditions where it’s prone to become dry.
  2. Hemp-Infused Horse Oral Drops
    These Hemp-Infused Horse Oral drops contain about 250mg Hemp Terpenes per bottle, so it means that every drop consists of a significant amount of CBD that is truly beneficial when it comes to its therapeutic and emotional benefits. Better yet, it comes at an affordable price.
  3. Wrinkles Face Cream
    This unique hemp-infused face cream for dogs is safe for any breed and smells like bacon! It can be used to treat skin conditions from nose to tail and is derived from all-natural products.

Buying Marijuana For Personal Care

Marijuana doesn’t just have to be smoked, vaped or ingested. In this modern age, many people rely on marijuana personal care products to help get them through the day whether it be in deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, soap, and so much more. MOM Canada is proud to offer a wide array of these products to suit the needs of everyone.

The Best Marijuana For Personal Care Products Online For 2021

Here are just a few of the many personal care products we carry that are marijuana-infused and made of the highest quality of ingredients possible:

  1. Hemp Terpene Infused Body Soap – Apothecary
    We know what you’re probably thinking; does this soap actually smell like marijuana? No, it doesn’t! These bars of soap may be made with hemp to benefit your skin and body, but they smell like either peppermint, lavender or a calm, Caribbean breeze. They are completely natural and not tested on animals.
  2. Organic Roll-On Remedies – Apothecary
    Do you have chronic pain, frequent headaches, or cramps? Then you’ll love this soothing, medicated, organic roll-on remedy that relieves pain, stiffness, and tension. It provides a soothing and cooling sensation once applied and leaves a light scent, too.
  3. Hemp Terpenes Shaving Soap – Apothecary
    Nourish your skin well while you shave with this hemp-infused shaving soap that feels and smells amazing. It also naturally acts as an acne treatment, wrinkle treatment, healing agent for cuts or nicks, and lessens dry skin.

Buying Pre-Rolled Joints

A joint is portable, easy to stash anywhere, and easy to use. You can keep one in your purse in case you need to smoke the blues away or buy rolling paper and make your joints. But when you’re buying our selection of pre-rolled joints, you don’t need to worry about buying your own paper! They’re already made for you so all you have to do is smoke it and enjoy!

The Best Pre-Rolled Joints Online For 2021

We have premium pre-rolled joints of all kinds for you and your friends or family to enjoy today and have a good time. Better yet, they come in a variety of different delicious flavours and don’t cause you to break the bank!

  1. Pre-Rolled Red Dragon Cone Joints
    You will get .65 of a gram of premium rolled Red Dragon (Sativa Hybrid). Just spark and go. You can purchase either a single joint to try, or a pack of 3, 7, 10, or 20 for your convenience. The only thing not included is the lighter, sorry!
  2. Pre-Rolled Strawberry Moonrock Joints
    The Strawberry Moonrock Premium Pre-Rolled Cone Joints are blended with high-quality C02 oil with a powdered kief. Almost half of its content is pure THC, so you can expect a mind-blowing high as soon as it settles into your system.
  3. Pre-Rolled Watermelon Cone Joints
    Pre-Rolled Cone Joints of Watermelon strain lets you consume about 0.65 grams of this potent strain. This strain consists of 80% Indica characteristics, as shown on its large, dense buds. It is infused with high THC content which is why, in just a few hits, you will surely feel relaxed!

Buying CBD Seeds

If you’re interested in growing your very own cannabis plants, then the very first thing on your list should be to find good cannabis seeds. Every successful grower understands that to grow healthy and high-yielding plants, you need to have good seeds, and so we have chosen the best variety of cannabis seeds for your satisfaction.

The Best CBD Seeds Online For 2021

We currently only carry CBD seeds by Dr. Seeds on our website, but these CBD seeds are a great place to start on your journey to making your own medical marijuana products. There is 5% THC, however, the 5% CBD will lessen the mind-altering effects. 5 seeds are included and will begin to flower in approximately 7-8 weeks.

Buying Marijuana Strains

Consumers take cannabis for two things: for its recreational effects and its medicinal effects. Recreational cannabis is packed with THC, the psychoactive compound in weed. Meanwhile, CBD is in high amounts of medicinal marijuana. But finding the right strain can be difficult. That’s why we’ve made all of our strains available online so that all you have to do is make an order, and wait for it to arrive on your front doorstep.

The Best Marijuana Strains Online For 2021

Once your orders have arrived, it’s important to do your best to keep your precious stash fresh. If you’re not going to use your weed yet, try not to remove it from the bag. If you’re looking for our most popular strains, you’ve come to the right place:

  1. Master Kush (Indica Dominant)
    This strain stands out because of its aroma and taste, together with its potent effects on the body. It is suitable for a new or experienced cannabis user. It has a THC content of about 25% that provides well-balanced mental and physical relief.
  2. Purple Kush (Indica Dominant)
    This strain is known for its calming, relaxing, and soothing effects and is a pure Indica strain that is an offspring of Afghani and Hindu Kush. It has a THC component of 23% so you can get the perfect high while remaining relaxed.
  3. Rockstar Indica Dominant
    This strain is a popular Indica hybrid strain that came from Rockbud and Sensi Star genetics. This is a consistent award-winning strain for its balanced Indica and Sativa characteristics with a THC content that ranges between 14%-19%.

Buying Marijuana Tinctures

Tinctures are becoming more and more popular amongst medical cannabis users and it’s easy to understand why. Once placed under the tongue (either once or twice per day), it’s not long before your body and mind start to relax and you can tackle the tasks ahead of you with ease and confidence.

The Best Marijuana Tinctures Online For 2021

We currently have two marijuana tinctures available through our website that are highly recommended by our repeat customers who have seen positive results from using these tinctures daily.

  1. Canna Co. Olive Oil THC Tincture
    This 30mL THC tincture bottle has 900mg of THC concentration that can provide an almost immediate effect on your body. Simply put the recommended drops under your tongue, wait approximately 30 seconds, swallow, and it will begin absorbing into your body. Or, if you’d prefer, you can cook/bake with it!
  2. CBD Tinctures
    While this was mentioned earlier, it’s worth mentioning again because of its high-quality and efficiency. This 30mL bottle comes with a dropper so you can measure the precise amount you need every single day. It’s suitable for all ages, including children with medical complications (and the go-ahead from their doctor).

Buying Weed Vape Pens

Vaping is one of the most convenient ways to consume cannabis. It’s accomplished by using a special vaporizer ( also called a weed vape pen) to melt or vaporize the extract so you can inhale the delicious vapours.

The Best Weed Vape Pens Online For 2021

We supply some of the best, highly-rated vape pens in the country along with cartridges and refills so you can purchase everything in one place. Get ready to light it up, puff, and away you go!

  1. Sovrin ClearStick Cartridges
    We know we’ve mentioned this one before too, but this best-selling product is a game-changer. Plus, all cartridge flavours are completely all-natural and of the highest quality possible so you can taste the freshness of the fruit. Choose whether you feel like straight THC, straight CBD, or a mixture of both.
  2. Vape Pen Refill Cartridges
    Customers love this PureTenes Vape Pen Refill Cartridge that is compact, easy to use, and can conveniently be taken anywhere with you. It’s also easy to clean, affordable, and comes in various mouth-watering fruity flavours that taste delicious and completely natural.
  3. Disposable Vape Pen Cartridge
    The CannC02 Cartridges go with the CannC02 Re-usable Vape Pens and are a full tank of delicious oil. This is a premium, lab-tested, CO2 extract terpene-enriched cannabis oil with no additives and absolutely no carriers.

Ordering From Us

First thing’s first – when ordering from our platform, we currently only accept e-transfer, Bitcoin, or cash by mail as methods of payment. This means we cannot accept debit or credit cards when it’s time to checkout with the products in your cart. For cash payments, please print off and fill out a form that can be found here.

All other details can be found on the form. All orders are shipped discreetly, safely, and properly to ensure products stay fresh. We are completely legal and “legit” and have never had any customers complain about the way their package was shipped to their doorstep. We deeply care about providing an exceptional customer service experience, so please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

When you see a product you’re interested in, click “VIEW PRODUCT” and it will take you to the page outlining more detail about that specific product. If you think it’s the right product for you, click “ADD TO CART” and you’ll notice a notification pop up in the right-hand corner with a shopping cart. When you click on it, you can either “VIEW CART” or “CHECKOUT”. At the checkout, you will supply us with your shipping address and choose your form of payment on the right. An e-transfer will be sent to us right away. Orders will be shipped the same day if payment is received prior to 3 p.m. EST.

MOM Canada Is Your One-Stop Online Weed Shop

We strive to carry the best quality of weed products online and ship it right to our customers’ front doors. If you’re new to the world of online cannabis or an experienced user, we have the right products for you.

From personal care products that are hemp-infused or strains that can be used for smoking or cooking, we carry everything for your convenience and ship all products discreetly, and in packaging that will keep them fresh. If you want to know more about our products, features, pricing or anything at all, please contact us to answer any of your questions.

For reliably dosed and accurate marijuana products you can always look for MOM Canada has your best BMWO supplier. Including your #1 stop to buy magic mushrooms online.

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