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If you are looking for CBD in Canada, then you have landed on the right website. We carry mail order CBD products like purest CBD oil and other marijuana items.

The therapeutic properties and medical benefits of marijuana have made the controversial weed even more popular. Decades ago, weed was regarded as nothing more than just for recreation, but lately, especially since its legalization in Canada, it’s used for many health conditions, such as pain, headaches, glaucoma, and anxiety and other states. According to clinical research studies, marijuana may also be used as a potential medical drug treatment for cancer patients, to reduce the size of tumours and to control the side effects of chemotherapy and for pain management.

We sell many FDA-approved hemp-derived CBD and THC products in various forms including as a flower, oil, pills, edibles and oral sprays, as well as in topical products. CBD works as a relaxer, so if you’re in an anxious state, for instance, you can place a couple of drops of CBD extract under your tongue to help calm you. Or, if you have muscle soreness our topical hemp creams absorb right into the skin of the affected area to provide you with some relief.

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Marijuana CBD


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are produced naturally in our bodies and some plants; they’re called endocannabinoids in humans and phytocannabinoids in plants.

CBD and THC are both derived from the cannabis Sativa plant, which can also produce cannabis Indica plant strains. Sativa plant strains are known to be more energizing; Indica strains tend to act as a sedative. CBD/THC affects the brain by attaching to your naturally-occurring cannabinoid receptors in your brain, giving rise to effects throughout your body.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most common cannabinoid in cannabis, and although it can affect both the mind and body, it has little to no intoxicating effect. It’s found in the trichomes, small crystal hair-like structures on the leaves and buds, on the flowers of many cannabis strains, including hemp.

CBD is extracted from the trichomes and is commonly made available as an oil or in capsule form. CBD can also be applied topically as a cream or salve, inhaled in dried flower format, or ingested as an edible. CBD may aid in the reduction of the effects of anxiety and physical pain, without intoxicating the mind.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the one principally responsible for the psychoactive and intoxicating effects of cannabis consumption, of the more than 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Live cannabis plants contain tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the non-active version of this compound. When cannabis is decarboxylated through heating to a high temperature, drying or curing, the acid molecule (the “A” in THCA) drops off, and the THC is activated. This results in the psychoactive effects of THC. It also means that cannabis in its fresh form is not yet active with THC.


A cannabis plant’s THC content is expressed as mg/g or as a percentage of mg per gram. This is often referred to as “potency.”
THC is intoxicating and can produce a variety of intended effects, but consuming too much or choosing a product with a high potency potential can produce harmful or negative side effects, so considering the amounts of THC is crucial.

How Do I Use CBD Products?

First, there are many ways in which you may use and consume CBD. You can smoke or vape CBD in flower- or extract-form, you can ingest it in various forms such as a gel capsule or food, or you can purchase hemp-derived CBD products like our creams and salves.

Next, you have to consider dosages. There are a few steps to finding the appropriate dosage on your own, but if you’re completely unsure make sure to ask your doctor for medical advice and information regarding the consumption of cannabis. If you prefer to experiment at home, there are a few things to consider before you start. The first is that everyone will react to cannabinoids (both CBD and THC) differently because it comes down to the anatomical structure of your brain; even the strain of cannabis can influence how your body responds.

Then, consider the potency of the CBD you’ve chosen to consume. In the beginning, it’s best to choose strains with the lowest percentage of CBD or THC because your brain doesn’t need as much. As you start to get used to the CBD, you can look towards higher percentages in items depending on your unique anatomy and your goals. Purchasing high-CBD or high-THC items is perfectly fine, just know that you don’t have to consume as much of it as you would if you chose a lower potency strain.

How To Find a Dosage For Each CBD Medium:

The first way to consume CBD (and THC) is by inhalation. The raw CBD flower is the easiest way to get the right dosage because it takes effect the fastest: usually within 10 minutes, the effects start to present themselves. Regardless if you decide to roll a CBD (or THC) joint or you decide to use a vaporizer, you still would only need to inhale a few times before you start feeling the effects of CBD.

Research is inconclusive as to the health side effects or risks of smoking or vaping cannabis. The difference between smoke and vapour is air quality and temperature. A vaporizer heats the raw flower according to whatever temperature you choose, usually averaging around 200C. This is just hot enough to activate the CBD/THC, essentially cooking it and its steam is what you’re inhaling. Smoking, on the other hand, is obviously consumed at a much higher temperature, plus the smoke contains both cannabinoids and microscopic ash. While you should consume at your own risk, inhalation is the fastest and easiest way to consume CBD/THC with an accurate dosage.

The next way to consume CBD is by ingestion. We have many great alternatives to inhalation: various forms of CBD edibles. Oils and edibles are much more challenging to determine a proper dose because it can take up to an hour for the substance to take effect and the edibles are usually higher potency (they contain high THC or high CBD content). Plus, edibles are super tasty and it’s easy to forget not to eat the whole cookie or brownie in one sitting. It’s best to be conservative and patient when it comes to consuming an edible because it can take up to an hour for you to feel its effects. However, the effects last three to four hours longer than if you were to inhale CBD/THC products.

The third way is through topicals. These are great if you don’t want to consume or inhale anything. Plus, they’re more user-friendly and more discreet than the first two ways. All you need is to massage a small dime-sized amount of your CBD hemp cream or hemp salve to the affected area until it is fully absorbed and feel free to use more as needed.

Note: It’s important to remember that you will likely build up a high tolerance to THC/CBD if you choose to consume or use cannabis-based products regularly. If you want to keep your medical cannabis and products as effective as possible, use them minimally which will allow the products to last longer and prevent you from building up a high tolerance to THC/CBD.

If you found that you may have built up a high tolerance to THC/CBD, you can just take a period of time off (a good rule of thumb is to take off one day for every week you have been consuming the drug), or reduce your consumption by at least half to create the proper conditions for reducing your tolerance.

The Takeaway

The Canadian government has legalized the marijuana drug under federal law, so no matter where you live in Canada you can safely consume and use our hemp and medical-grade cannabis products. CBD and THC are two distinct compounds typically derived from cannabis Sativa plants.

Approved by the FDA, CBD is a cannabinoid compound with many medical benefits that may help treat conditions from chronic pain management to tumour reduction in cancer patients. You may consume cannabidiol (CBD) in food, drug, or products that contain CBD-derived content. The side effects of CBD and THC consumption can include dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue, but THC and CBD are generally well-tolerated. THC is what gives you the psychoactive (high) effects that are typically associated with cannabis.

Online forums are a great place to start if you want to know more about the drug, how you may use it, how it can help, and what effects it may give you. With that being said, always speak to your doctor before self-medicating because cannabis is a drug that can negatively impact prescription drugs, such as blood pressure medication or heart medication, as well as other medical conditions and states.

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